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e.t.c coaching consultants can help you build the right coaching systems, create and evolve your Coach Developer workforce and ensure your coaches have the right knowledge and skills to ensure you can positively impact athlete experiences and outcomes.

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Coach Development Services

On-line Coach Learning
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e.t.c coaching consultants is excited to announce the launch of its on-line learning offer in partnership with MiMentor.


Getting Better at Getting Better and Quality Communication Matters are the first two courses to be offered within the platform for all sports coaches.

In-Person Workshops
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e.t.c coaching consultants offers a suite of in-person workshops focusing on the development of the coach's interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge and skills.


Our systematic and proven approach broadens the scope of coach learning well beyond the traditional X’s and the O’s. 

Coach Developers
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Coach Developers are an essential component of any coaching system. They play a key role designing, guiding and evaluating coach learning. 

e.t.c coaching consultants offer programs to train the instructional designer, facilitator, assessor and or mentor. 

Coaching Systems Leadership
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Creating and embedding an organizationally-relevant vision for coaching and associated support systems enables the development of quality coaches to provide better athlete experiences and outcomes.

e.t.c coaching consultants has created a Coaching Systems Leadership program to guide and inform your quality coaching agenda.

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