A robust coaching system is essential to drive high-quality athlete experiences and athlete outcomes. This system will possess a range of features: 


- A Vision for Coaching is essential to drive the direction of travel. 


- Values guide the behavior of the organization and the people within it.


- The foundations of the Coaching System house the building blocks essential to deliver on the high quality coaching agenda. It is the quality of these foundations that will determine the quality of coaching and the in turn the quality of athlete experiences and athlete outcomes.


Better athlete experiences and outcomes are driven by a high-quality coach workforce. 


Does your organization have a vision for coaching? What are the systems or foundations in place that underpin the delivery of your vision for coaching? Have all administrators, coaches, parents and athletes bought in? How effectively is your vision working? How do you know? What evidence have you used to develop your system?

If you have answered the questions with mostly ‘no’s’, ‘not sure’ or ‘it depends’ then e.t.c coaching consultants can help you evolve your Coaching System by:

1. Evaluating and/ or establishing your Vision for Coaching

2. Defining your core values 

3. Measuring the current level of maturity and effectiveness relative to best practices (‘mat-mapping’)

4. Appraising your current approach to identify strengths and areas of development

5. Creating a prioritised action plan to support continuous improvement

“e.t.c has a real awareness of coaching frameworks and structures across the world, understands the challenges that could lie ahead and has a deep experience in designing and delivering programs that educate and assess coaching credentials.”

Dr Mat Robinson
Professor of Sport Management, University of Delaware


Committed to developing excellence in sports coaching and coach education