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Coach Learning

When we think about coaching, we tend to focus on athlete development. However, learning is not restricted to players. In order to continue to support player’s performance, coaches must develop their knowledge and skills, including:

  • Professional knowledge. Know the sport and how to teach it.

  • Interpersonal knowledge. Ability to connect and communicate effectively with others.

  • Intrapersonal knowledge. Know yourself and how to improve own performance.


e.t.c offers access to virtual and in-person classrooms and practical learning opportunities. Our systematic and proven approach broadens the scope of coach learning well beyond the traditional X’s and the O’s. Coaches gain access to essential coaching insights and skills required to nurture coach and athlete/client relationships, support positive participation experiences and drive performance improvement.

Click on the images below to find out more.

In-Person Workshops

e.t.c coaching consultants offers a suite of in-person workshops focusing on the development of the coach's interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge and skills...


On-Line Learning

e.t.c coaching consultants is excited to announce the launch of its on-line learning offer in partnership with MiMentor.


Getting Better at Getting Better and Quality Communication Matters are the first two courses to be offered within our portfolio for all sports coaches... 

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