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e.t.c coaching consultants is excited to announce the launch of its on-line learning offer which is focused on the development of core coaching skills and knowledge.


Reflective Practice, Mindset and Managing Stereotypes are the first three courses to be offered within our portfolio to all sports coaches. The Coach-Athlete Relationship for Golf Coaches is available Professional Golf Association members only.

Each on-line course is designed to provide you with access to new learning and consider the application of this content within your own practice. More importantly, each course will help you think differently about how you do what you currently do, so you can find innovative ways of doing it differently and better. 


On-line courses take on average 90 minutes to complete purposefully. Successful completion of each course is certificated and could be awarded Continuing Ed. Credits.


Each course costs $25 and is billed in US Dollars.

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is a critical tool for sports coaches to draw significant learning from the practical coaching environment in which they work. This course enables you to:

  • Explore opportunities for learning and development within the coaching environment

  • Consider how reflective practice can enhance your coaching performance

  • Examine how you currently reflect and consider the effectiveness of this approach


Mindset is a term used to describe how one perceives ability (is it innate, or is it acquired). Mindset is important because it is inextricably linked to motivation. This course enables you to:

  • Identify the difference between a fixed and growth Mindset

  • Consider how Mindsets manifest themselves in behavior

  • Establish how to give growth Mindset feedback to your athletes

Managing Stereotypes

This course reviews how stereotyping can affect the athletes or players you coach. This course will define the theory of stereotype threat and identify the impact it has on athletes. By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Identified the conditions that lead to stereotype threat

  • Consider the types of athletes likely to suffer from stereotype threat

  • Develop strategies to help athletes overcome stereotype threat

  • Developed strategies to develop a coaching culture that reduces stereotype threat 

The Coach-Athlete Relationship for Golf Coaches

Coaches are integral to the success and motivation of players. Coaches can inspire players to perform their best or connect players to a game they are learning/playing recreationally. By the end of this course; The Coach-Athlete Relationship for Golf Coaches, you will have:

  • Considered what the Coach-Athlete Relationship is

  • Analysed how you build and maintain your Coach-Athlete Relationships

  • Examined what helps and what hinders the Coach-Athlete Relationship

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"I have to admit how effective your methods have been for us.  It’s been so instrumental in helping us change culture here.  Thank you so much.  I can’t wait to see what we do in the near future with your help."

Bryan Alcantara

Manager - Coach Education, New York Red Bulls