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Positioning mentoring as a coach development tool

With the guidance and support of respected colleagues Dr Louise Davis (University of Northumbria) and Dr Christine Nash (University of Edinburgh) Sarah has had an article exploring the potential of positioning mentoring as a coach development tool published with QUEST.

Current thinking in coach education advocates mentoring as a development tool to connect theory and practice. However, little empirical evidence exists to evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring as a coach development tool. Business, education, and nursing precede the coaching industry in their mentoring practice, and research findings offered in these domains could be drawn upon to position mentoring as sports coaching development tool. Given the remote basis of some of mentor–coach relationships in sports coaching, additional learning can be drawn from mentoring conducted by virtual or electronic mediums. This article concludes with a series of reflective questions arising from research findings in other domains, designed to engage the potential coaching organization with the mentoring process.

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