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US Center of Coaching Excellence host inaugural Coach Developer Academy

The USCCE in partnership with the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) recently hosted an inaugural 2.5-day Coach Developer Academy as a precursor to the North American Coaching Summit, at the US Tennis Association in Orlando.

The program was designed by Penny Crisfield (ICCE Master Trainer) and facilitated by Penny and an internationally respected and experienced team including myself, Linda Low, Melissa Thompson and Kristen Dieffenbach.

Targeted at Coach Developers and others who work with and provide education for coaches, 21 representatives from National Governing Bodies, Higher Education and independent organizations attended the workshop. Coach Developers play a critical role in the preparation of coaches, and this program was designed to help them develop the skills required to train, support and challenge coaches to become the best that they can be.

The program used a blended learning approach which included preparatory e-modules and a highly interactive workshop which addressed how coaches learn, delivery strategies, and facilitation skills of questioning, listening, review and feedback. Many opportunities to apply learning in practice were integrated and high quality feedback was a key feature of the program.

Feedback from all attendees was incredibly positive and the USCCE are looking forward to further opportunities to host this innovative learning program for Coach Developers.

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