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Red Bulls Soccer focus on developing the coach developers

New York Red Bulls Youth Soccer Programs are committed to providing positive player experiences and outcomes. A high quality coach workforce is key to delivering on this promise. Also key, is a high quality coach developer workforce who can identify, create, facilitate and support quality coach learning experiences in the classroom and on the soccer field.

e.t.c coaching consultants in partnership with United Soccer Coaches were delighted to facilitate the Coach Developer Diploma with the Red Bulls Youth Soccer regional training team at the Red Bulls Arena.

The role of the youth soccer Coach Developer is to facilitate learning in the classroom and perhaps most significantly in the coaching environment. They personalize the learning process, supporting coaches to target specific development opportunities. They enable coaches to take advantage of naturally occurring opportunities in the coaching environment. They help coaches focus on and make sense of those learning opportunities to evolve their coaching craft.

The Diploma is structured over two days, adopts a modularised and blended approach to learning and is preceded by an on-line Reflective Practice course. The workshop enabled Coach Developers to:

  • Explore their key roles and responsibilities in helping coaches to learn

  • Evaluate soccer coaching performance

  • Design and facilitate high quality learning

  • Use mentoring to provide supported practice in the field

Want to find out more about the role of the Coach Developer and how you can develop your coaching workforce? Contact us.

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