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United Soccer Coaches inaugural Coach Developer Diploma launched with e.t.c at Red Bulls

The first United Soccer Coaches Coach Developer Diploma was delivered this past weekend by e.t.c coaching consultants (Sarah McQuade and Linda Low) at the New York Red Bulls with support from their community Coach Developer Team (Abby Katz, Rich Scott and Max DuBane)

To develop effective coaches, coach education experts suggest the best method of connecting theory and practice is through supported practice in the field. The role of the coach developer, a relatively new concept here in the USA, is to facilitate learning in the coaching workspace. They personalize the learning process, supporting coaches to target specific development opportunities. They enable coaches to take advantage of naturally occurring opportunities in the coaching environment. They help coaches focus on and make sense of those learning opportunities to evolve their coaching craft.

This 3-day workshop a sibling of the DoC, adopted a blended approach, mixing on-line, classroom and field-based learning. Attendees explored the concept and practice of coach learning. They delivered elements of the United Soccer Coaches 4v4 Diploma and received feedback on the effectiveness of their facilitation skills. They also learned how to create professional development plans and use mentoring to provide supported practice in the field.

Feedback from this cohort of Coach Developers was full of praise for the new program:

'I was happy to see something come into place within the U.S that took a different route, not focusing on players but allowing people to help other coaches be better which in turn will create success for our youth system.'

'Thanks to you and Linda for creating a thought provoking, safe, and challenging environment to grow in.'

'The methodology, the explanation of how to use words, phrase sentences/questions and build relationships was exceptional. My own experience within the time I have worked in Soccer and the U.S has seen me use a lot of the ideas, philosophies and considerations but what this course did, was show me how to put it into best practice and strive for a more excellent environment where coaches can get better and players will develop.'

'I have immediately taken some of the skill and applied them with kids in a game environment, and I had a presentation for over 100 parents last night where I felt more comfortable having spent the weekend with you.'

Thanks to Red Bulls for having the courage to run with this program two years ago and allowing e.t.c to shape and refine it. Thanks too, to Ian Barker for adding this to the United Soccer Coaches portfolio. Thanks to Vince Ganszbrug for shaping the soccer pieces. And finally to Linda Low, thank you friend for your support and guidance before, during and after.

This is no doubt the start of many more Coach Developer Diplomas. To find out more about the United Soccer Coaches Coach Developer Diploma contact e.t.c directly or click here.

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