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PTR prioritize the role of the Coach Developer to support the growth of Tennis

More than 23.6 million people played the sport of Tennis in 2022, an increase of one million people for the year, according to data compiled by the Tennis Industry Association. When added to the increase from 2020 and 2021, participation has grown by 5.9 million people or 33 percent since the start of 2020.

The Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is committed to supporting the growth of tennis by feeding more coaches and more women coaches into the coaching pipeline. Using their Level 1 Certified Coach program as a vehicle to recruit and develop more coaches, the PTR have committed to deliver over 200 Level 1 workshops in 2023.

Scaling up any form of programming, especially Coach Education programming, requires the creation of a quality framework to guide many things including but not limited to administration, coach recruitment, event management, logistics and quality assurance. Perhaps the most important consideration of scaling up is the recruitment, development and retention of a Coach Developer workforce to facilitate the various programs and provide coaches with access to high quality learning and development.

e.t.c coaching consultants are thrilled to continue their partnership with the PTR and lead the design and delivery of the PTR's Coach Developer Academy.

At the tail end of the PTR International Symposium at Hilton Head, Linda Low and Sarah McQuade were delighted to lead the second PTR Coach Developer Academy with 12 committed and curious Coach Developers.

Adopting a blended approach the Academy offers access to virtual learning through webinars and the Open University 'Coaching Others to Coach' course and in person learning. The in-person element enabled us to explore and apply the concept of learner-centered and athlete-centered approaches while exploring how best to facilitate the PTR Level 1 Coach Certificate.

Thank you to the PTR for your trust in us. Thank you to this cohort of Coach Developers who were willing to open their minds, be curious, lean in to discomfort and stretch themselves while acting and thinking like Coach Developers.

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