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About e.t.c coaching consultants

Who we are

e.t.c coaching consultants is an international consultancy practice specializing in sports organizational development, coaching systems leadership, coach education program design and the professional development of sports coaches and sports Coach Developers.

Why we do it

e.t.c coaching consultants are committed to developing excellence in sports coaching and coach development. Why? Because coaches play a central role in sports participation and athlete development. And Coach Developers are critical players in designing and facilitating coach learning, and supporting and evaluating coaching effectiveness.

How we do it

e.t.c coaching consultants uses an evidence-based approach and best national and international practice to inform the design and delivery of coaching and coach development.


We work with clients to:


  • Facilitate sports organization and coaching performance reviews

  • Explore how robust their Vision for Coaching is and evaluate the maturity of their Coaching Systems

  • Create strategic and operational plans to support the delivery of quality coaching

  • Provide initial training and education and on-going professional development for coaches and Coach Developers

  • Provide supported practice in the field using mentoring

Internationally Respected

e.t.c coaching consultants works with international federations, national sports organizations, sports governing bodies, private training providers and Division I and III schools and colleges.

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