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e.t.c coaching consultants

e.t.c coaching consultants is a coaching consultancy practice recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the field of coach development. 

We specialize in the creation of sports coaching systems, the design of coaching programs and the development of the coaching workforce including leaders, coach developers and coaches, especially women as leaders.

We are committed to developing excellence in sports coaching and use world-leading and innovative practices to help coaching organizations enable athletes at all levels access high-quality sports coaching experiences.

Quality Coaching Matters
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Quality Coaching Matters

At e.t.c coaching consultants we are passionate about helping organizations develop excellent coaches who will positively impact the quality of every athlete's sport experience at every level.


Creating a culture of coaching excellence assumes quality coaching systems matter, quality coaching programs and quality coaching people matter.

e.t.c coaching consultants offers a range of coach development services to help organizations further evolve their sports coach education, coaching and leadership practices.

Coach Development Services

e.t.c Coach Development Services

Coaching Systems Leadership

Sports organizations are being challenged to create an infrastructure or coaching system that can support the delivery of high quality sport programs and enhance all athlete experiences.

Creating a needs-led coach development system is complex; with no one-size fits all solution. 

e.t.c's Coaching Systems Leadership Workshop offers an in-person or a remotely facilitated review of an organization's approach to coaching.

The workshop helps organizations examine how their vision for coaching can be translated into a coaching system that supports the recruitment; development and retention of coaches and in turn provide better athlete experiences and outcomes. 

Women in Coaching and Leadership

Women are underrepresented at every level of sport from the coaching environment 

through to C-Suite. The recruitment, development and retention of women in sport is now the focus of global attention.

e.t.c coaching consultants is working across sports to raise awareness about underrepresentation and establish why those barriers exist. Using an appreciative inquiry approach we challenge organizations to dare to dream about possibilities and opportunities available for and with more women in the workplace, rather than assuming women are problems to be solved. 

Our services include program leadership, presentations and mentoring, both group and individual.

Coaching Workforce Development

Coach Developers are an essential component of any coaching system. They have a key role to play in designing learning situations and provide supported practice beyond the classroom.


Coach developers assume a variety of roles including programme design, facilitation, assessment, mentoring, quality assurance and leadership.

e.t.c coaching consultants works collaboratively with organizations to create tailored development programs.


Our programs adopt a blended approach mixing synchronous and asynchronous learning. Whether these are facilitated in-person or on-screen all workshops are interactive, highly engaging and leave a lasting impression.

e.t.c Coaching Clients

Internationally Respected 

e.t.c coaching consultants works with International Federations, National Governing Bodies, Sports Performance Centers, Private Training Providers, Division I and III Schools and Colleges and charitable organizations.

Coahing Cients
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