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About e.t.c coaching consultants


Who we are

e.t.c coaching consultants is an international consultancy practice committed to advancing sports coaching and coach development by providing access to cutting-edge consultancy services.   

We specialize in sports organizational development, coaching systems leadership, coach education program design and the professional development of sports coaches, sports coach developers and women as coaches and leaders.



Why we do it

e.t.c coaching consultants is committed to developing excellence in sports coach education, coaching and leadership, especially women's leadership.

We know coaches play a critical role in sports participation and athlete development at every level for every athlete, young and old, from weekend warrior through to elite level competitor.


For coaches to be effective we believe they need to supported by a coach development workforce who can design, facilitate and evaluate coach learning, and provide high quality supported practice in the coach's own work-based environment. 

We also believe that the recruitment, development and retention of quality coaches and the coach development workforce must be underpinned by a robust yet dynamic coaching system. This system must be mature enough to guarantee quality coaching yet flexible to accommodate current coaching trends and scale for growth purposes.

How we do it

e.t.c coaching consultants uses an evidence-based approach and best national and international practice to inform the design and delivery of coaching and coach development. We:


  • Facilitate organizational and coaching system reviews to create agile plans which can support the delivery of quality coaching

  • Provide initial training and education and on-going professional development for leaders, coach developers, mentors and coaches

  • Use mentoring to enable leaders, coach developers and coaches reflect on how they do what they do and why they do it so that they can think differently and be even better

  • Design and deliver women into coaching and women's leadership initatives


What's important to us

e.t.c coaching consultants is a values-driven organization. Our clients are our most important asset. We pride ourselves on adopting a people first approach to:

  • Create a community. We focus on building high quality relationships with our clients and their stakeholders. We believe in long-term development rather than quick fix to drive informed change at strategic and operational levels. 

  • Customize the experience. We work collaboratively with clients to create tailored systems, programs and needs-led learning and development solutions

  • Challenge people to be the very best version of themselves. We believe that every organization, team and person can become even better. We use goal setting, guided discovery and problem-solving to facilitate growth and development.

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Our Mission

Empower coaching organizations, leaders and coaches with the knowledge and tools they need to provide exceptional coaching experiences.


Our services are informed by world-leading best practices and a robust evidence base, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality support that is tailored to their unique needs and challenges.

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