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Sharing insights into coach learning at the Advanced Director of Coaching Course

The University of Delaware (UD) in partnership with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) hosted the second Advanced Director of Coaching Course at the University of Delaware at the beginning of June 2014. Sarah was delighted to be asked to join the team of course tutors to deliver sessions on coach learning, evaluation and development.

The Advanced Director of Coaching Certificate provides soccer club leaders and those responsible for the development of players with a practical program oriented toward developing proficiency in the technical, theoretical, conceptual, managerial and ethical aspects of soccer club management and soccer player development. This intensive professional development program consists of lectures, projects, guest speakers, participant presentations, group work, field trips, online instruction and project planning. Attendees are expected to put their learning into practice back in their own club environments and will be supported by a team of tutors.

Sarah's first session focused on defining coach learning exploring how mentoring could be used as a coach development tool. The second session, jointly facilitated with Andrew Donnery CEO of California based FYSC looked at the process of evaluating and developing coaches. Both sessions adopted a blended approach challenging learners to apply theory through practice.

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