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Modelling Excellent Sports Coach Developer Practice

Sarah has been working with sports coach UK to develop a professional development programme for sports coach UK and National Governing Body tutors. The workshop 'Modelling Excellent Tutoring Practice' is being delivered at nine regional events led by the sports coach UK Trainer workforce.

Sarah had the privilege of co- delivering the workshop with Helen Murdoch at Twickenham, the home of English Rugby, in late November.The workshop builds on the learning acquired during the initial training and qualification of tutors.

The aim of the workshop is for tutors to consider what excellent tutoring practice is and does and enable them to reflect critically and honestly on their skills so that they can identify opportunities for the integration of excellent tutoring practice. The recent event at Twickenham was delivered to over 25 tutors from a mix of Governing Bodies including Rugby, Hockey, Equestrian, Lacrosse and Archery as well as sports coach UK tutors.

The event was engaging and thought provoking with one tutor commenting that it helped him 'explore elements of his tutoring practice that I was previously unaware of and will no doubt help raise my awareness as to how effective I am currently and could be.'

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