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USA Football Regional Master Trainers develop their learning facilitation skills

Nine Regional Master Trainers (RMTs) from across the USA and members of the USA Football Development Team have been working with Sarah this Spring in Indianapolis to develop their learning facilitation skills.

RMTs have recently completed a two-phase education and training program which was designed to help them develop their facilitation skills in order to deliver more engaging and interactive learning opportunities to coaches. The first opportunity they will have to model their skills is on a pilot version of the Player Safety Coach program.

The workshop adopted a modularised approach to the delivery, mixing face-to-face learning with self-directed study. RMTs have learned how to:

- facilitate classroom based sessions

- teach heads-up blocking and tackling in a practical environment

- support and develop Master Trainer's presentation skills.

Opportunities to apply learning and practical skills were offered in the field at Master Trainer workshops and through micro-teaching working with peers acting as Master Trainers and coaches during the PSC workshop orientation.

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