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Seventh cohort of ICECP coaches graduate at the IOC in Lausanne

Congratulations to the 2014-15 graduating class of the ICECP (International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program) pictured at the IOC in Lausanne. To date the program a collaborative partnership between the USOC and the University of Delaware funded by Olympic Solidarity has reached 198 participants, across 23 sports in 87 countries. Sarah is thrilled to be part of the continuing effort to support and mentor coaches to drive change in their countries.

This year Sarah has supported Marcello Varialle from Brazilian Rowing, Roderick Muhumza (Ugandan Rowing), Aubrey Vanloo (St Vincent's Basketball) and Yang Yu (USA Table Tennis) not pictured. Marcello described his experience:

"Participation in the ICECP was an amazing experience. The content I learned at the University of Delaware and from the USOC staff was invaluable. The difference of the ICECP from other programs is the sharing and learning from different countries and sports, and being able apply these ideas to my sport of rowing. In implementing my project, I discovered the importance of having a structured program. With that, I was able to develop coaching education in a structured manner to benefit the coaches in my sport and country."

Congratulations too, to the 11 women coaches who successfully completed the program, proving that #thisgirlcan and #thisgirlcancoach.

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