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USAFB create a Player Development Strategy to support player and coach development

USAFB are developing a holistic participation strategy to support the future development of the sport. The strategy will see the creation of pathways for players, coaches and officials. The strategy is being led by Sarah with the support of Clive Brewer, a UK-based human performance consultant with significant experience from UK sports organisations including Scottish Football and Rugby League.

The first pathway to be created is the player development pathway (PDP). This pathway will support players entry into the game and their transition across a series of stages from Fundamentals and Flag into modified and full contact versions of the game. This pathway is the foundation for the design and delivery for the rest of the strategy.

The project is being guided by the Football Development Advisory Board. The Board is made up of USAFB staff, leading coach education experts, league commissioners and experienced coaches. Their job is to provide advice, direction, support and critically 'check and challenge' to ensure that the strategy is age-appropriate and meets current best national and international practice.

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