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8th Cohort of ICECP coaches begin their learning journey with the UD and the USOC

The 2015-16 ICECP coaches, the 8th cohort, are well underway with their coach development program. For the 5th year Sarah is delighted to act as tutor and mentor to the coach participants.

34 high performing coaches from developing nations across the globe have accessed the US-based coach education programme. Their journey started with two weeks at the University of Delaware, followed by a week-long apprenticeship at various high performance centres across the US and a final two weeks at the US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs.

Alongside friend and colleague, UK-based coach education consultant Barbara Daniels, Sarah delivered a one-day workshop to the coaches at the USOTC focusing on coach learning and development using some of the principles housed in the International Sport Coaching Framework.

Sarah is also delighted to mentor and support four coaches, Frank from Cuba, Tom from Uganda, Ifose from Cameroon and Emanuela from Brazil to deliver sustainable coaching projects back in their home countries to promote the further growth of the sport and the Olympic ideals. Coaches will now spend the next six months planning, implementing and evaluating their projects before presenting their work at the International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland in April 2016.

You can find out more about the ICECP programme by following the link to

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