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IPC Wo-Mentoring Program wraps up in Bonn, Germany, 2016

In February 2016 mentors and mentees of the International Paralympic Committee and Agitos Foundation Wo-Mentoring Program met again in Bonn, Germany.

Sarah has acted as a mentor on the programme supporting two formidable Paralympians, Mare Korkas from Estonia and Helene Raynsford from the UK. The goal was to provide dedicated support to enable them to reflect on their professional goals and create a professional development plan to support the achievement of those aspirations. On-going remote support using a variety of web-based mediums has been provided for the last 18 months since the kick-off event in Austria in May 2014.

The wrap-up event, a two day gathering was designed to reunite mentoring pairs in person and provide them with the opportunity to exchange successes and explore challenges while helping to evaluate the programme’s impact and make recommendations for future programmes.

Unbelievably proud of the achievements of Marge and Helene, dedicated, accomplished professional women and now friends.

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