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USAFB Master Trainers consider how to facilitate learning for Player Safety Coaches, Spring 2016

USA Football Master Trainers who will be delivering USA Football’s Player Safety Coach (PSC) programme this Summer have come back to Indianapolis to explore how to facilitate learning for PSCs. Sarah and the Football Development staff (Andy Ryland, Mike Haynes and Zak Zumbiel) have been working with the team of Master Trainers to ensure they:

  • know the content of the PSC programme

  • can deliver excellent presentations in the classroom

  • can teach heads-up tackling and blocking in a practical context

  • and can facilitate learning to ensure PSCs take this and apply back in their own coaching spaces.

Day 1 of the weekend training focused on the delivery of classroom material and gave each MT the opportunity to practice delivering this information to his peers acting as coaches and share feedback. Steve Specht, the high school football coach for St. Xavier in Cincinnati and USA Football Board member commented that:

"The interaction between the MT's is invaluable. The opportunity to share successes and failures helps me improve my presentation every year. Whereas the training is great, being able to discuss issues with other MT's that have been on the front line provides tremendous feedback and new ideas."

Sunday morning gave MTs the opportunity to practice how to teach heads-up tackling and blocking to PSC coaches in an on-field setting. Local film crews were also on hand to report back to the Indianapolis community on USA Football's endeavours to make football a #bettersafergame.

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