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8th Edition of ICECP coaches graduate in Lausanne

The 2015-2016 ICECP coaches graduated earlier this week from the ICECP program. Over 30 coaches from developing nations across the globe reconvened in Lausanne for Module 4 of the program. During this module they undertook visits with their International Federations and presented the findings of their 6 month projects to a jury panel. The final day saw all coaches share their impact stories at the impressive ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) headquarters in Lausanne.

Sarah was thrilled to support Frank Amendariz, Emaneual Santana, Ifose Mbella and Tom Mutebi. Frank assessed the effectiveness of using games-based learning as a teaching tool for Cuban volleyball. Manuela created a physical literacy program for 10th graders in Sao Paulo. Ifose undertook one of the largest basketball coach and player participation initiatives in Cameroon. Tom delivered a coach education program to volleyball coaches in Uganda.

This ICECP cohort also saw nine women graduate from the program; four with honours. They should be congratulated on their immense efforts to drive change in their home countries.

Again, another humbling and inspiring week with high performing coaches on the eighth ICECP program.

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