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National Coaching Conference takes place in Seattle

This years National Coaching Conference (NCC) took place this year in Seattle, WA. Organised by The United States Coaching Coalition (USOC, NCAA, NFHS, SHAPE America and NSCA) the 19th annual NCC, brought together coaches, coach educators/developers and sport science researchers for the enrichment of coaching and sport.

I was thrilled to support the delivery of two sessions. One was a masterclass with Melissa Thomson and Nadine Dubina which looked at the application of learning theories in coach education.

This session explored the robust evidence base that underpins Penny Crisfield's LEARN acronym and challenged attendees to think about how they apply this concept in their own coach development space.

The second workshop was presented with Dr Christine Nash and explored how to position remote mentoring as a coach development tool. Inputs from the IPC Wo-Mentoring Program delegate Helene Dyson offered a unique perspective from the mentee's stand point.

The group attending this session was small but beautifully formed prompting some critical debate and reflection on the concept and practice of remote or long arm mentoring.

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