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British Horse Society extends its team of Fellows Assessors

The Fellowship of The British Horse Society is the highest qualification that can be awarded to coaches. The prestigious award requires that coaches have an in-depth knowledge and effectiveness in all aspects of equitation and horsemanship. Coaches working full-time in the horse industry, training riders and horses to a high level both on the flat and over fences and that demonstrate they have sound training and management principles, are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.

In order to achieve the Fellowship coaches must submit a comprehensive curriculum vitae demonstrating their expertise and commitment. This is then closely scrutinised by a panel convened by the BHS. Coaches whose resumes are accepted are then invited to a two-day assessment focusing on either the ‘General’ Fellowship, or specialising in Eventing, Showjumping or Dressage.

The assessment is conducted by a trained team of Fellows assessors.

e.t.c coaching consultants was delighted to be invited back to conduct a second day of assessment training to the newly extended team of assessors. The first day was conducted in 2012.

Held in early November at Catherston Stud at Over Wallops in Hampshire assessors:

  • explored the concept of fair and effective assessment

  • identified how to create the right assessment environment

  • analysed the range of assessment techniques required

  • undertook a simulated practical assessment in order to standardise perception and decision making

  • and critically established how to support the ongoing professional development of all coaches regardless of the outcome of the assessment.

Assessors will now progress to observe, support and lead elements of the delivery and assessment of the next Fellows assessment day in February 2017.

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