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University of Delaware and NSCAA Master Coaches graduate at the NSCAA Convention

The 2016/17 cohort of Master Coaches from the University of Delaware and the NSCAA's master coach program graduated at the 2017 NSCC Convention in Los Angeles.

Coaches attended a week-long residential program in Delaware in June 2016. Sarah worked as part of the tutor team and was thrilled to introduce the coaches to the concept and practice of Coach Mentoring.

Since June coaches have been working to implement a coaching project in their own environment. Sarah supported Manish Doshi (Tottenham Hotspur, East Bay) and Guillermo Medina (Rebels Soccer Club) to design, deliver and evaluate a Coach Mentoring program. Coach mentors were challenged to provide coaches with supported practice in the field to ensure they can learn and develop from informal opportunities presented by the coaching environment. Both programs were conducted as pilots and met with real success. Manish and Gulliermo are committed to roll out out this program to more coaches in the coming months. We wish them the very best of luck as they continue with their pioneering coach development work.

Congratulations to all Master Coaches on your achievements.

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