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UK Elite and Baseball Heaven start implementation planning of the Steel Sports Coaching System

Thank you UK Elite Soccer and Baseball Heaven for the opportunity to come and work with you in January. This planning workshop marked the beginning of the implementation of the Steel Sports Coaching System which really started in June of 2016 at the Steel Coaching Summit held in NYC.

The Summit helped us to clearly identify the foundations of the coaching system. The last six months have been invested in building the pillars upon which independent coaching systems can stand.

Task 1 of the implementation planing workshop? Identify the organisationally-relevant building blocks of the system. How? Use post its!!

Task 2? Determine the development priorities for 2017. How? Shuffle post it's around based on SMART thinking to create informed, well designed and well structured implementation plan.

Am looking forward to supporting Steel portfolio companies to transition the concept of the Steel vision for coaching into practice.

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