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ICECP coaches attend Mindset webinar

The 2016-17 cohort of ICECP coaches have attended another webinar in the series offered by the University of Delaware and the US Olympic Committee.

Webinars are offered on a monthly basis and are designed to ensure real continuity in coaches learning while working remotely between their final module at the US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs (October 2016) and until they meet again at the International Olympic Committee HQ in Lausanne, Switzerland in May 2017.

This months webinar was delivered by Sarah and focused on Mindset, a growing term within coaching vocabulary. To frame the learning coaches were asked to consider their perception of ability and then challenged to consider whether this is something that is fixed or can be developed with practice, effort and instruction.

Carol Dweck's seminal work around fixed and growth Mindsets was introduced to coaches who were further challenged to consider how their own mindset might influence that of their athletes. Coaches were asked to identify what they could do to develop a growth mindset in their athletes.

Key learning from the webinar centered on the critical role of feedback in the learning and development process.

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