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NSCAA Director of Coaches introduced to coach development concepts

Soccer Directors of Coaching (DoC) have a responsibility to support and manage coach learning.

At a recent NSCAA Director of Coaching course in Boxford, MA. DoCs were introduced to the concept and practice of coach development. Three sessions facilitated across the weekend by Sarah McQuade introduced DoCs to:

  • the adult learning principles which serve as an informed reference point to design, deliver and evaluate coach learning

  • the various different environments and opportunities that can be offered to support coach learning

  • the push-pull facilitation styles concept.

Feedback from one of the DoCs suggested that the new learning was well placed and received:

'Thanks again for sharing your expertise with all of us. I learned so much and I hope you know it was greatly appreciated!

Good luck to all DoCs who attended the course and are now transitioning new learning into their own coaching spaces to increase coach effectiveness on and off the field.

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