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Red Bulls Training Programs host second annual Youth Summit

The New York Red Bulls hosted their second annual Youth Club Summit Program in March. Staged at the impressive Audi Club venue in the Red Bulls Stadium, partner club administrators, coaches and volunteers were invited to learn more about youth soccer club management.

Sarah was delighted to lead the key note presentation with the focus on Shaping the Club Culture. Drawing on experience recently founded in the US and coupled with work conducted within UK sport, business, retail and health sectors, partner clubs were challenged to consider the answer to various questions:

  • Is your culture embedded in your organisational-DNA?

  • How is this built in within and across the organisation?

  • Is it working?

  • How do you know? How do you really know it is working? Who says?

  • What elements of the culture need addressing and changing?

  • What next?

No doubt the answers to the questions will come outside of the Summit and back in their own club environment when they consider how to transition relevant learning into their own spaces.

Thank you Red Bulls, Jerome Vivona and Matt Robinson for the opportunity!

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