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British Horse Society prioritise the development of their Assessor workforce

The British Horse Society (BHS) Equine Excellence Pathway offers coaches, grooms and riders the opportunity to progress their career and learn practical, real-world skills within a structured platform.

Central to the success of the Pathway is the BHS team of Assessors who are responsible for assessing and developing candidates across the suite of qualifications while maintaining the quality standard of the new pathway.

e.t.c coaching consultants were delighted to renew their partnership with the BHS and lead the design and co-delivery of the four-day workshop for 30 aspiring assessors.

Adopting a blended approach, mixing on-line and in-person learning the workshop was designed to:

  • Introduce assessors to the BHS Career Pathway and the new suite of BHS qualifications.

  • Establish the assessment process and skills required to effectively assess learner’s knowledge and performance

  • Determine what fair and effective assessment practice is and does

  • Establish what ‘competent’ practice is and standardise perception and decision-making across the various levels, qualifications and criteria

  • Enable assessors to undertake elements of the assessment process and receive developmental feedback on their skills and effectiveness

  • Undertake a complete mock assessment at Stage 2

  • Provide formative and summative feedback to all assessors to develop their assessment knowledge, skills and competence

  • Enable assessors to reflect on their own practice and create a plan for their continued professional development as BHS Assessors.

The in-person course was heavily practical providing assessors with the opportunity to witness live assessments modelled by expert assessors and undertake simulated assessment practices across the range of levels and qualifications.

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