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10 Up! Tenth cohort of ICECP coaches are underway with the USOC international coaching program

The tenth cohort of the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP) is well underway.

High performing coaches from across the globe have completed their US-based training program and are now back in their own home countries. The first module was a 2-week residential at the University of Delaware. The second module gave coaches the opportunity undertake a placement at a high performance training centre here in the US. The third and final module of the US-based program was housed at the US Olympic Training Centre at Colorado Springs.

I was thrilled to facilitate a half-day workshop with coaches to help them consider how to design and facilitate coach learning. The ICCE Global Coaching Framework is a critical reference point for this work. Typically this workshop is facilitated with Barbara Daniels who sadly couldn't join us this year.

During this final piece of the formal education program, coaches are given the opportunity to meet with their mentors. The goal of the mentor is to support and guide coaches to design, deliver and evaluate an organisationally-relevant work-based program designed to drive change in their own home countries using sport as the vehicle.

My fabulous team comprises German from Columbia, Sumera from Pakistan, Farhana from Bangladesh and Dema from Bhutan. All coaches are seeking to create coach development programs to support the delivery of the sport across various ages and stages. Can't wait to get started!

Good luck team!

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