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USCCE Coach Developer Academy gains further traction with US Sports Governing Bodies

In partnership with the ICCE (International Council for Coaching Excellence) the USCCE (US Center of Coaching Excellence) have recently delivered two Coach Developer Academy programs, either side of the North American Coach Development Summit in Colorado Springs.

The first in the series is Teaching & Learning Facilitation Skills. This 3-day intensive workshop is designed to help Coach Developers hone the skills required to design and facilitate high quality classroom and practical learning experiences for coaches. Topics include how adults learn, delivery strategies for effective learning, facilitation skills including questioning, listening, and providing feedback to support learning.

The Supporting Coaches in Practice workshop is the second in the USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy series. Also an intensive 3-day workshop, it builds on the professional education and leadership concepts introduced in the first program. It enables Coach Developers to evolve the professional skills needed for their work guiding, supporting, and challenging new and experienced coaches as adult learners, leaders and teachers. It explores the knowledge and skills needed to utilize practical assessment tools, support coaches in practice, conduct professional observations for growth and learning, and provide effective mentoring.

Coach Developers from various National Governing Bodies including Swimming, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Weightlifting and Archery worked alongside representatives from Higher Education, private training and international sports organizations to practice their skills. High quality feedback from trainers and peers was a key feature of both programs.

Alongside friends and colleagues including Kristen Dieffenbach, Melissa Thomson, Andrea Woodburn, Linda Low (USCCE) and Penny Crisfield (ICCE) I am thrilled to be part of the USCCE/ ICCE Coach Developer Academy training team and look forward to future programs this Summer with USA Hockey and the US Tennis Association.

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