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USCCE in partnership with USA Hockey focus on developing a quality coaching workforce

In partnership with USA Hockey, the US Center of Coaching Excellence (USCCE) are working together to create a highly effective Coach Developer workforce, who can lead the delivery of quality coaching education throughout Hockey's nationwide clinic program. The goal is to ensure that quality coaches are working with players of all ages and stages across Hockey's American Development Model.

Since attending the inaugural Coach Developer Academy in Orlando in June 2018, USA Hockey staff Mark Tabrum (Director of Coaching Education Programs) and Ken Martel (Director of Athlete Development Model) have committed to ensuring their entire staff are familiar with best practice principles associated with adult learning and can employ these to ensure that all clinic programs are active, engaging and critically, allow coaches to practice and receive feedback on key coaching skills and concepts.

Over 30 Hockey staff (Coach in Chiefs and American Development Model) have been trained as Coach Developers. They are now cascading specific facilitation techniques to almost 200 clinicians during two events in August in Denver, CO and Hartford, CT.

I am honored to be part of the USCCE team Kristen Dieffenbach, Sarah McQuade, Melissa Thompson and Linda Low) supporting the delivery of these two workshop events.Much credit to USCCE President Kristen Dieffenbach and the USA Hockey staff for their hard work to design a weekend workshop program that enables 200+ clinicians acquire and apply key adult learning concepts.

The new USA Hockey mantra is 'It's not just what you coach. It's how you coach'.

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