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The ICECP continues to expand its global reach

In its twelfth year the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP), a joint endeavor between the USOC and the University of Delaware and funded by Olympic Solidarity continues to unite and inspire a global network of high performing coaches.

Adopting a blended approach mixing on-line learning with in-person programs the ICECP brings advanced learning opportunities for the coaches. I was delighted to lead a day long workshop for global and US coaches focusing on 'Developing Coaches' alongside friend and colleague from the USOC Nadine Dubina.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce coaches to the concept of coach learning and consider how they can design learning opportunities to meet the needs of the coaching workforce in their own coaching environments.

Perhaps the most unique part of the program is the challenge to coaches to do something tangible with their learning and undertake a work-based development project. Using a problem-based learning approach this workshop helped coaches clarify whether the problem they think they have is actually the problem they need to address.

I am excited to mentor and support Vikram from India, Biljana from Macedonia, Hassand from the Maldives and Yves from Rwanda. Collectively they will provide the sports of Fencing and Basketball with new opportunities to develop athletes and coaches at the grassroots and elite levels.

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