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Coach Mentors Matter In The DPL

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The Development Player League, is a US-based Elite National All-Girls Soccer League. Their mission is to develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment. High-quality coaches and high-quality coaching are critical components of the system that supports the delivery of the DPL's mission. So too are high-quality Coach Mentors.

It is widely acknowledged that one of the best opportunities for growth is the coach's own environment which provides a breeding ground for learning and development. Leveraging this breeding ground assumes the coach recognizes the need for learning, has the motivation and independent skills to learn and is appropriately supported in the field to design and make sense of their own learning. The Coach Mentor is possibly best placed to assume this learning support role.

e.t.c coaching consultants, specifically John Ackerley and Sarah McQuade were thrilled to partner with Mi-Mentor to support the recent delivery of the DPL's inaugural Coach Mentor Program with 15 Club Leaders and aspiring Coach Mentors from across the USA.

The program offers access to world-leading mentoring concepts and tools using the MiMentor learning platform. The Mentoring Soccer Coaches program is built into learning blocks, delivered over 6 weeks and adopts a blended approach using on-line courses and webinars to provide coaches with access to:

  1. An Introduction to Mentoring

  2. Coach Profiling and Supported Practice in the Field

  3. The Art and Architecture of Questioning and Listening

  4. Reflection and Development

Feedback from the first trailblazer program has been hugely positive from league administrators and mentors. Mary-Francis Monroe, League Commissioner stated that:

The DPL is fortunate to be partnered with MiMentor to support the development of our coaches in the essential skill of mentoring.

We are beyond excited to support the wider roll out of this Coach Mentor Program to more clubs, and I hope to more women leaders and more women Coach Mentors. Why? Because women are underrepresented at almost of every level of sports organization, administration, and delivery. The low number of women visible in high-profile leadership and coaching positions does little to change perceptions of sport being a male-dominated environment or promote sport as an attractive proposition for women as participants, volunteers, coaches or administrators.

Soccer needs more women to help level the playing field at every level. And girls/ young women need women role models to aspire to.


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