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Coaching vision, values and systems reinforced as key drivers for quality coaching in #BMORE20

With thanks to Ian Barker, Director of Coach Education at United Soccer Coaches, e.t.c coaching consultants were given the opportunity to showcase their work around coaching systems leadership for Soccer.

Over a 100 Directors of Coaching were in attendance to listen to key messages about the need for a discrete vision for coaching to drive the high-quality coaching agenda. Further conversation focused on how a values-driven approach adopted by all stakeholders can contribute to the delivery of the quality coaching agenda. Using the metaphor of a blueprint to create a coaching 'home' the final piece of the presentation explored how a systematic approach is critical to ensure quality coaching is delivered by design, and not accident.

A further opportunity to reinforce this message was presented with John O Sullivan's invitation to join his panel with Todd Beane and Mark Wilson and contribute to the conversation around 'Developing a club methodology and playing style.' John, thank you for the opportunity to sit among the game's elite and offer insight as to how important it is to play the other game in soccer unbelievably well, that is the coaching game.

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