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Congratulations to ICECP 12th Edition who finally graduate at the IOC in Lausanne

Finally!!!! They made it! Congratulations to all ICECP Coaches of the 2019 Cohort, who after almost 3 years of Pandemic related delays have finally graduated from the ICECP at Olympic House in Switzerland in October 2022.

The International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP), a joint endeavor between the USOC under the guidance of Carolina Bayon and the University of Delaware with Matt Robinson and funded by Olympic Solidarity continues to unite and inspire a global network of high performing coaches.

Perhaps the most unique part of the program is the challenge for coaches to do something tangible with their learning and undertake a work-based development project.

I could not be more proud of my four international coaches who navigated the Pandemic with grit, resilience and an unquestionable commitment to delivering their ICECP work-based projects.

From left to right to, HUGE congratulations to:

  • Yves Murenzi a national Basketball coach from Rwanda. Yves led on the development of the basketball side of the SGI Sports Academy, which provides a sporting home for 150 youth basketball players.

  • Vikram Singh Jamwell a national Fencing coach from India. Vikram created a modern coach education curriculum focusing on the art of coaching using Indian folklore and storytelling as metaphors.

  • Biljana Kukmanovska the head national Fencing Coach for Macedonia. Biljana designed and delivered a periodized program for fencers on the junior development pathway.

  • Hassan Didi, a Basketball coach from the Maldives. Hassan delivered a grassroots participation initiative beyond the mainland of Male and into two Atolls, engaging all players including a significant number of women, a significant inclusion achievement.

I look forward to watching these coaches continue to drive the change they have started to create. Good luck friends!

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