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e.t.c chat all things 'coach development' with John O' Sullivan

Huge thanks to John O' Sullivan for the opportunity to chat all things 'coach development'.

The last time we met, was in another life, when the United Soccer Coaches Symposium was an inperson event when 400 coaches would shoehorn into a conference room, without masks, to listen to a panel event being chaired by John O' Sullivan!

In this meandering conversation we touched on various things including but not limited to:

  • The current state of coaching education

  • How does a coach learn to recognize what they don’t know?

  • Is there a way to do coaching education across other sports?

  • Where do you start with educating volunteer coaches?

  • What does a coach development pathway look like?

  • Why isn’t empathy and emotional intelligence taught in coaching courses?

  • Creating “needs based learning opportunities”

  • Defining three levels of coach development

  • Integrating self awareness in to coaching

  • Defining your ideal practice

  • The danger of bringing baggage from your playing career into your coaching career

  • The importance of having someone who can help us navigate our development

  • What should a coach do next?

To learn more click on the image below to listen into the podcast.

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