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New year, new decade and a new opportunity for coaching system leaders

Working alongside the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) for the past year we have created a Coaching Systems Leadership program. This program, designed for Coaching Directors or Lead Coach Developers offers a facilitated review of a sport’s organizational approach to coaching. It examines how a vision for coaching can be translated into a coaching system that supports the recruitment; development and retention of coaches and in turn provide better athlete experiences and outcomes. This program will enable Coaching Systems Leaders to reflect on the maturity of their coaching systems, identify strengths and opportunities for growth and create agile development plans to drive their high quality coaching agenda.

This week, on behalf of the ICCE and with the support of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) we were proud to launch the program during an informational webinar. With almost 50 Coach Development professionals representing a range of USA National Governing Bodies we were able to explore how the concept has evolved and how the program will enable organizations to critically reflect on the maturity and effectiveness of their systems to ensure #bettercoachingbetterathletes because @qualitycoachingmatters.

Looking forward to exciting partnership development work ahead in 2020.

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