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New York Red Bulls use Supported Practice in the Field to Grow Coaches

e.t.c coaching consultants has been proud to work with New York Red Bulls Youth Programs and their Coach Development team since 2018. With the support of United Soccer Coaching, the relationship initially focused on building Red Bull's team of Coach Developers to lead the facilitation of classroom and practically based learning.

Since that time Red Bulls has developed their understanding of, and expertise in and around coach learning and development. Spearheaded by Kika Toulouse and Max DuBane, the team are exploring how to provide supported practice in the field for their 150+ community coaches to 'catch coaches in' and build upon their knowledge and skills to develop their coaching effectiveness.

Since the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas in January 2022, e.t.c has helped to review and evolve Red Bulls thinking. Led by Linda Low, Red Bulls has refined and evolved their core coaching competences which in essence are a reference point aligned to their player development philosophy. They have integrated this benchmarking tool within a process driven approach to provide supported practice in the field for all coaches who want to access this support. Other key features of the process include pre-reflection conversations, coaching observations and professional discussions.

Towards the end of April, e.t.c facilitated a professional development workshop for the Community Team to introduce the supported practice concept, process and tools. A key goal was to give the team the opportunity to explore and practice discrete elements of the supported practice process. In e.t.c's signature style the learning was packed, chaotic, a little messy, utterly engaging and eye opening as to the power of human connection to leverage coaching potential.

Thank you #redbulls for the opportunity to work with you and support your growth!

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