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Oceania National Olympic Committee undertake a detailed review of their Sports Education Programs

The Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) is a Pacific led vocational sports education programme focused on building capacity through training and development pathways for Pacific-based sports coaches, volunteers, athletes, team managers, technical officials, administrators, teachers and relevant others.

OSEP currently stands as the only community-based sport education programme of its kind in the IOC Continental regions and has transformed and complemented capacity and capability development within the sports sector in the Pacific region in the last 12 years.

Not content with maintaining the status quo the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) requested a Pacific-wide and detailed evaluation of OSEP to measure and establish how well it has delivered against its commitment and also measure OSEP’s organisational readiness to anticipate and sustain the future growth of the programme.

Working as part of a consortium with Compass Pasifikia and Apex Global Sports Group, e.t.c were delighted to support the first independent evaluation of OSEP in 12 years. The main purpose of the Evaluation was to assess the overall impact of ONOC’s flagship sport education programme since its inception in 2007 and utilize the findings to assist the ONOC Executive in its planning for the next cycle of funding as well as inform strategic decision making on the future design of OSEP.

In order to conduct a detailed Evaluation across multiple Pacific Islands a theory driven and mixed-method approach consisting of a variety of tools were selected for this Evaluation. The Kakala Research and Evaluation Framework approach is culturally appropriate and inclusive of diverse peoples’ ways of being and knowing in their context.

Desk based research and semi structured interviews liberated rich data to reinforce and celebrate the success of the program and identify opportunities to inform, guide and evaluate OSEP's growth and scalability agenda over the coming years.

The key finding and perhaps informed by the logic model created as part of the Evaluation process, is the need for a clear delineation of roles, tasks and functions associated with the accreditation, delivery, assessment and quality assurance of sports education training.

The Consortium are excited to move into the next phase of this project and will be supporting OSEP to translate planning to practice through a virtual strategy building exercise.

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