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PGA of GB & I Prioritize Mentoring to Support Trainee Professionals

It is widely acknowledged that one of the best opportunities for learning is the work-based environment. In Golf, this is the golf shop, the driving range, putting green and of course, the course itself!

High-quality learning and development assumes that the learner in question, in this case the PGA Trainee Professional, has a learning and development need, that addressing this would value-add to their practice, that they have evolved learning strategies and are appropriately supported in the field.

The PGA Professional is perhaps best placed to assume the role of a mentor and provide supported practice to help accelerate the PGA Trainee's ability to:

  • Organize and deliver coaching sessions for individuals and groups

  • Assist in organizing and running competitions

  • Perform clubs repairs and custom fitting

e.t.c coaching consultants, specifically Linda Low and Sarah McQuade were thrilled to partner with Mi-Mentor and lead the recent delivery of the inaugural PGA Training Professional Mentoring Program for the first cohort of 15 Club Professionals from across GB and Ireland.

The program offers access to world-leading mentoring concepts and tools using the custom built PGA MiMentor Platform.

The Mentoring Programme is built into learning blocks, delivered over 8 weeks and adopts a blended approach using on-line courses and webinars to provide PGA Professionals with access to:

  1. An Introduction to Mentoring

  2. Profiling and Supported Practice in the Field

  3. The Art and Architecture of Questioning and Listening

  4. Reflection and Development

This first cohort have been thoughtful, engaging, curious, challenging and committed. All have had the opportunity to apply new learning into practice and initial feedback shared that:

"I have found it really beneficial in terms of structuring my interaction with staff and trainees.'

MASSIVE thanks to Linda Low for lending her expertise and support to help these PGA Professionals evolve their mentoring knowledge, skills and practice.

Thank you to the PGA of GB & I for trusting MiMentor and e.t.c to lead the learning and development of perhaps your best people asset, the PGA Professional!

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