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e.t.c support the Professional Tennis Registry's industry-leading Mentoring Program

The Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) launched their annual industry-leading Mentoring Program in May 2020. With a vision for 'Creating personal growth through a collaborative and interactive experience' e.t.c are delighted to partner with the PTR to support the training and development of the Mentor workforce.

The Mentoring program honors the legacy of PTR Founder, Dennis Van der Meer, who recognized the need for industry leaders to help guide, shape and foster earnest professionals in the areas of community, business and athletic development, as well as club management.

This years program will see 70 mentor and coach pairs work together to identify, drive and evaluate the coach's identfied change agenda in their own local environment. To enable mentors to work effectively in their role, e.t.c is offering tailored training and support through a variety of mediums. The aim of the PTR Mentor training program is to:

  • Explore the concept and practice of mentoring

  • Establish how to create and nurture effective relationships

  • Consider how best to utilise and navigate the mentoring cycle

  • Analyse how to facilitate reflective conversations

  • Identify how to provide supported practice in the field

  • Reflect on effectiveness of own practice and identify opportunities for own growth and development.

The backdrop for the support is an on-line mentoring course co-created with on-line learning specialists MiMentor and hosted though e.t.c's new Coach Learning platform. The course not only provides access to mentoring concepts and tools it also provides a community of practice for PTR Mentors to explore, share and challenge perceptions and experiences. The webinar series which kicked off with a silent group GROW to showcase and contextualise the importance of reflective conversations to facilitate growth and development will continue to offer needs-led and responsive learning.

We wish all PTR Mentors and Mentees luck in their relationships and professional endeavours.

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