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PTRW 'Because We Can' Gathers Momentum at IMG

The PTRW 'Because We Can' Program has been designed to give female, and male coaches:

  • Access to workshops to build their knowledge and skills

  • Tools for them to believe they can be more effective on and off court

  • And networking for them to connect and be a part of something bigger.

At the IMG Academy in Bradenton, the PTRW Coaching Summit, which was attended by almost 40 coaches, speakers and administrators, shifted the focus to explore the concept of gender bias and empowerment for women.

This intensive 3-day program moved between the court and classroom to share knowledge, insights and best practices about how to support, guide and coach women on and off court. It challenged coaches to consider what unconscious bias is and what gender bias is and how best to empower women in tennis and in their lives.

Leveraging the expertise of national and intentional speakers, coaches were able to hear how lives lived had been fundamentally shaped by their experiences as athletes and coaches. Speakers were open, honest and vulnerable as they shared how those lived experiences had fundamentally shaped who they are and why they are. This openness and honesty gave all attendees permission and a platform to continue to be vulnerable and drive deeper connections.

Having established why women matter in the tennis industry, attendees were able to consider what they can realistically influence in their own coaching spaces and places to empower women. Working on the premise that change 'starts with us' the final section of the weekend explored how we can leverage local networks and the PTRW network to think differently and do and be better to empower women.

I was delighted to be working once again with dear friend and colleague Linda Low to anchor the in-person program. We had the lovely challenge of helping coaches make the learning relatable to their own spaces, using the what, so what and now what model!

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