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United Soccer Coach Mentor Community continues to #GROW

In a bid to support the growth of the Soccer Coach Mentor workforce, e.t.c coaching consultants in partnership with MiMentor have designed a Coach Mentor program for United Soccer Coaches.

The program offers access to world-leading mentoring concepts and tools using the MiMentor learning platform and successful completion leads to the achievement of a United Soccer Coaches Diploma.

Launched in the Fall of 2021 the Coach Mentor program has had a global reach, and has just finished its fifth Cohort, welcoming coaches from across the USA and as far afield as Celtic Park, Glasgow! The number of coaches within this unique Mentoring Community now exceeds 50.

The Mentoring Soccer Coaches program is built into learning blocks, delivered over 6 weeks and adopts a blended approach using on-line courses and webinars to provide coaches with access to:

  1. An introduction to Mentoring

  2. Coach Profiling and Supported Practice in the Field

  3. The Art and Architecture of Questioning and Listening

  4. Reflection and development

This fifth cohort have been perhaps the most curious, challenging and committed cohort to navigate the program. MASSIVE thanks to Linda Low and John Ackerley for lending their expertise and support to help these mentors evolve their knowledge, skills and practice.

Feedback to date has been positive highlighting how the program has:

'... facilitated excellent discussions around different processes which will engage coaches into deeper reflection on their own coaching processes and needs'.

'...helped introduce a culture which priorities coach learning and maximizes mentoring relationships in the soccer environment to help coaches grow.'

We are excited to lead our sixth cohort in the Spring, starting in May 2023. To find out more contact James Baker, Co-Founder of Mi-Mentor.

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