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United Soccer Coaches adopt a new blended approach for Coaching Diplomas

United Soccer Coaches’ National, Advanced National and Premier Diplomas have long been regarded as an excellent way to expand coaching knowledge, advance coaching careers, and improve player's experiences and outcomes. As with many sports organizations these programs now adopt a blended format, providing coaches with ever-demanding schedules with access to high-quality, time friendly learning and development opportunities.

At e.t.c we have been delighted to support United Soccer Coaches' to rethink and reposition critical elements of that learning offer. We have created recorded presentations focusing on the key skill of reflective practice and facilitated webinars that enable coaches to further consider the art and application of reflective practice. Perhaps the key question for coaches was not 'how do you do reflective practice?' but 'what questions do you ask yourself to encourage deeper, wider and more intentional reflection?'.

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