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USA Archery explore Push-Pull Coaching Styles during Virtual Symposium 2020

Much like many other organizations across the globe during this Pandemic, USA Archery have moved their annual Symposium to a virtual learning space and e.t.c were delighted to join them in September 2020. The focus of the session was the use of push-pull coaching styles, specifically the use of questioning to guide athlete learning and development.

Drawing on Myles Downey's work on push-pull coaching styles, Lyn Kidman's work around athlete-centered coaching and some unbelievably good cricket coaching footage which models perhaps the best coach questioning we have seen, we were able to help these coaches think differently about how well they do what they do.

Perhaps the biggest challenge when designing these types of sessions and 'presenting' in a virtual learning space is how to replicate the missing role of the facilitator within the in-person environments and actually facilitate the participants learning. Using a combination of tools including PollEv to create a real time wordcloud, the cricket coaching footage to challenge observation skills and the chat room to capture, share and explore learners thinking we were able to create a dynamic, engaging and interactive session. MASSIVE thanks to all coaches for making my virtual learning and development life so much easier on this occasion.

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