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USA Archery target the how-to coach skills to drive their quality coaching agenda

Under the thoughtful and intentional guidance of Guy Krueger (Education and Training Manager), USA Archery has over the last three years shifted its focus to embrace a more overt emphasis on the how-to coach skills.

The intent behind the shift aligns with USA Archery and Guys vision for coaching which is to embrace more contemporary coaching techniques, enabling coaches to be more athlete-centered and in turn develop the whole athlete/ archer.

e.t.c coaching consultants has been thrilled to support these efforts through the USA Archery National Symposiums which were offered virtually during the Pandemic of 2020 and 2021. This year we were even more thrilled to finally engage in-person with these amazing coaches in Colorado Springs.

During the Welcome to this years workshop coaches were challenged to pick three words they believed describes excellent coaching practice in Archery. Upon closer inspection most coaches were surprised to realize that while excellent coaching assumes a robust professional knowledge base, the difference that makes the difference in terms of quality coaching, is not just what you know but how you coach it.

Many thanks to Penny Crisfield at Appolinaire Consultancy Associates for the use of her Coaching Bugs as a reference point to explore the various how-to coach skills. Thanks too to each and every coach who lent into some personal discomfort to apply, practice and reflect on how effectively they currently utilize these skills.

The final part of the workshop leveraged the GROW process to help each coach silently reflect on how they will continue to evolve their coaching practice in their own 'living labs' aka their coaching places, spaces and people!

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