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USA Weightlifting complete e.t.c's first virtual Coach Developer Course

Having redesigned their Level 2 Coach Education program to ensure it adopts a more learner-centered approach, USA Weightlifting recognized the need to provide additional training and support for their Coach Instructor workforce to ensure they can lead these high-quality coach programs.

e.t.c coaching consultants have been delighted to partner with USAW to provide Instructors or rather Coach Developers with the knowledge and skills required to undertake this role unbelievably well.

The presence and persistence of COVID 19 forced us to think differently about the type of learning program we could facilitate. In response we created a virtual Coach Developer Course. The course was structured into three discrete Modules focusing on:

  1. Reflective Practice

  2. Coach Learning Principles

  3. Facilitation Skills

Adopting a linear format delivered over the last 6 months, we used a blended approach of on-line courses hosted on our on-line learning platform, self-directed study and a series interactive webinars. The webinars were dynamic and engaging challenging Coach Developers to think and act like Coach Developers throughout.

Our goal was to ensure USAW Coach Developer's can effectively transition their knowledge and skills into practice and lead USAW Level 2 Coach Education programs in person. Why? because #qualitycoachingmatters#bettercoachesbetterathletes

Our sincere congratulations go to all the new USAW Coach Developers that successfully completed the course.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you help your Coach Developers, the contact us today.

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