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WTA Coach Inclusion Program Prioritizes the Development of Women Tennis Coaches

e.t.c has supported the delivery of various women into coaching and leadership development programs this year, both in the USA and further afield, including the Women into Sport High Performance Pathway (WISH), the Commonwealth Women's Leadership Program and ESPNW's Global Sports Mentoring Program.

Ths week saw the culmination of a phenomenal and humbling year for e.t.c working with game-changing women, by working with another group of AMAZING coaches.

Linda Low and Sarah McQuade were thrilled to support the delivery of Year 2 of the PTR and WTA Coach Inclusion Program, in person in Orlando at Jay Gooding's Tennis Academy.

The WTA Coach Inclusion Program aims to break down barriers and provide opportunities for women looking to enter coaching at the professional level. The program focuses on increasing the number of female coaches in the WTA by promoting professional and grassroots coaching as a compelling career choice to current and former female athletes and coaches, as well as developing targeted education mentorship and career guidance from other successful coaches.

The final session of the weeklong residential program focused on the value of networking and enabled attendees to:

Remind themsleves of why women coaches matter
Explore who's who in their coaching network
Communicate the best version of themselves
Reflect on how and where they can continue to GROW

In our dynamic, engaging and thought-provoking way we were able to gently challenge all women to think differently about the value of their own networks and how to comunicate the very best version of themsleves.

Thank you to Mike Anders of the WTA and Milena Vidos of the PTR for the opportunity to support this game-changing program for women tennis coaches.

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