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Archery Coach Trainers complete USA Archery's inaugural Coach Trainer Training Program

Guy Krueger, Director of Education with USA Archery has a vision for coaching. The vision has positioned quality coaching front and center by focusing on the cultivation of the coach's professional knowledge specifically the how-to coach skills alongside the coach's interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Slowly but surely these have been infused across Archery's Coaching Pathway from Beginner Coach to Master Coach.

Guy has recognized that the creation of high quality programs which emulate current best practice are only as good as the people that lead the delivery and evaluation of coach learning. Archery call them Coach Trainers, we know them as Coach Developers.

e.t.c coaching consultants have been thrilled to partner with USA Archery to design and facilitate a tailored learning and development program for their Level 3 and 4 Archery Coach Trainers.

The custom-built program has been created to enable Coach Trainers to:

  • Analyze the concept of reflective practice and explore how evolved their reflective practice skills are so that they can facilitate high quality coach reflective practice

  • Explore the adult learning principles and identify how these can be used to design, deliver and evaluate coach learning

  • Consider how, when and where to use teaching and learning facilitation skills to enhance coach learning in classroom and practical sessions

  • Practice facilitating elements of a USA Archery program and receive peer and trainer led feedback on the effectiveness of their delivery.

The program has adopted a blended approach mixing:

  • On-line learning hosted on our learning platform provided in partnership with MiMentor

  • Three webinars facilitated at monthly intervals to let the learning land, give Coach Trainers the opportunity to practice new learning or different ways of thinking with their coaches and reflect on how effectively they have applied this

  • A 2-day in-person workshop.

The 2-day in-person workshop was held in August at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Working with a group of 8 Coach Trainers we were able to do a deeper dive into adult and coach learning in classroom and practical settings. Learning to facilitate micro coaching with peers acting as athletes thinking like Coach Trainers was especially useful.

Coach Trainers were challenged to lead elements of the Level 3 and 4 programs and received critical feedback on how they facilitated what they facilitated in order that we could all become better Coach Trainers.

Feedback from the Coach Trainers involved highlights the impact of the program:

This opportunity to enhance my personal development and sharpen my coach development tools truly resonates with me. I treasured every moment and am excited to carry the torch, enlightening others on intentional, creative, and effective coaching.

Guy, once again, thank you for your leadership and trusting us to support your vision for quality coaching.

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